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#2 If you are what you say, you are a superstar


nach einer sehr "anstrengenden" Woche BoGY sind wir wieder angekommen in der Temps paresseux. Und ja es ist normal, dass ich von mir im Plural spreche ... dumme Angewohnheit .__.

BoGY war ganz ok und ich hab doch tatsächlich seit 3 Jahren das erste mal wieder Kaffee getrunken. Lisa hat sich auch wieder gemeldet, ich war mit Nina im Kino und in der Stadt und mit P&M im Kino. Einmal "Asterix und Obeix bei den Olympischen Spielen" und "National Treasure: The Secret Book".

Schon seit Tagen geistert mir von Lupe Fiasco feat. Mattew Santos das Lied "Superstar" im Kopf rum, obwohl das eig. gar nicht mein Stil ist aber der Track ist echt geil ... muss ich echt zugeben.

Shortnews: Shortnews: Shortnews: Shortnews: Shortnews: Shortnews:
Angi gibt's jetzt auch in London ... allerdings nur aus Wachs.
Nur noch 1 Tag Ferien, fast schon deprimierend ... U_U
Mein neuer Traumjob ist --> TECHNISCHE ZEICHNERIN!! (mal sehen wie lange noch)



Die Lyrics zu "Superstar" von Lupe Fiasco feat. Mattew Santos::

If you are what you say you are
A superstar
Then have no fear
The camera's here
and the microphones and they wanna know
Oh oh oh yeah

[Verse 1:]
Yea, uh
A fresh cool young Lu
Trying to cash his microphone check 2, 1, 2
Want to believe my own hype but it's too untrue
The world brought me to my knees
What have you brung you
Did you improve on the design
Did you do something new
Well your name ain't on the guest list
Who brung you, you
The more famous person you come through
And the sexy lady next to you
You come to
And then it hit me
Standing outside of heaven waiting for god to come and get me
Im too uncouth
Unschooled to the rules
And two gum shoe
Too much of a newcomer
And too uncool
Like Shadow and Lavelle
I battle with it well
Though I need a holiday like lady who song blue
Go back what ever you did you undo
Heavy is heaven
The devil on my two tons too


[Verse 2:]
And you better wear your shades
The spotlights here can burn holes through the stage
Down through the basement
Passed the Indian graves
Where the dinosaurs laid
And out through china
Nearly misses air liners
Magnified times five
This is pointed at the rhymer
Ricochets off the moon and sets the forest a blaze
Now that's important to say
Cuz even with all of that
Most of us don't want it to fade
We want it to braid
Meaning we want it to grow
Meaning we want it to stay
Like the governor called
And they told him to wait
Un-strap him from the chair
And put him back in his cage
The audience ain't fazed
And they ain't gone clap and they ain't gone praise
They want everything back that they paid
Cuz they been waiting since ten to see the lights get dim


[Verse 3:]
So chauffeur chauffeur come and take me away
Cuz I been standing in this line
For like five whole days
Me and security ain't getting along
And when I got to the front they told me all of the tickets were gone
So just take me home where the mood is mellow
And the roses are thrown
M&M's are yellow
And the light bulbs around my mirror don't flicker
Everybody gets a nice autograph picture
One for you and one for your sister
Who had to work tonight but is an avid listener
Every songs a favorite song
And mikes don't feed back
All the reviewers say you need to go and see that
And everybody claps cuz everybody is pleased
Then they all take the stage and start performing for me
Like ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha

Und als kleines Schmankerl bevor ich wieder für eine Woche verschwinde:


ade, es grüßt das Grenouille

7.2.08 15:55